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Worn out from never-ending conflict at home? At your wit’s end over your kids’ behaviour?
Struggling to communicate with the people you love the most? Feeling guilty about your knee-jerk reactions to these problems?

I can help. I am a marriage and family therapist and can teach individuals, couples, and parents of children between the ages of 6 – 18 the tools and strategies to communicate effectively and help today’s families to: 

> communicate effectively and easily,
> equip you with effective tools for any discipline challenge,
> lower stress by getting your family working as a team – as well as
> overcome stress, guilt, anxiety and depression.

To take the first step in regaining control at home, contact the Oakville Family Institute receptionist at (905) 491-6949 for more information, or to book an appointment for a time that’s good for you – day or evening.


• Eliminate nagging and fighting with your kids
• Improve communication with your spouse
• Talk so your kids can really hear you
Reduce anxiety that makes it hard to enjoy being a parent
• Increase respect and consideration for one another (and yourselves)
 Eliminate depression and improve your moods 
• Reconnect and end tension at home 
Improve sibling relationships
Boost your children’s self esteem and confidence
• Be prepared for any parenting challenge
• Be consistent in discipline and learn to follow through
• Reduce and overcome stress
• Enjoy work/home balance
• Feel confident and relaxed

What Do My Clients Appreciate Most
About Our Work Together?
  • Practical tools that will give you immediate results in your family, tools you’ll feel good using
  • A new approach to parenting that really works
  • Relaxed and friendly collaboration
  • An understanding that you know what’s best for your own family
What’s Different About
The Way I Work?
  • A specific and proven system for gaining feedback from clients – allows us to monitor direction and progress of our work together
  • Clients remains “in charge” of the sessions and able to direct our focus to the issues that matter most to them
  • Specific training and experience in not just counselling and marriage counselling, but also parenting theory and parent education
Andrea Ramsay Speers • Psychotherapist & Parent Coach • Oakville Family Institute • 175 Glenashton Dr., Oakville ON • Tel.: 905-491-6949
At my office in Oakville, I serve the following Southern Ontario communities: Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton, Halton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Waterdown, Peel, Oak Park, Glen Abbey, West Oak Trails, River Oaks, North Oakville, College Park.

As a psychotherapist, counsellor, parent coach, and parenting expert, I provide individual counselling, marriage counselling, couples counselling, relationship counselling, relationship advice, parenting advice, parent counselling, and parent coaching for parental challenges such as discipline, communication, low self esteem, sibling rivalry, mental health concerns, symptoms of anxiety, symptoms of depression, burnout and stress, for parents with children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 18. I also work with teens who are 13 and older.

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