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Sulking as an Art Form

Andrea Ramsay Speers - Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Where do kids learn to sulk like they do??  I often see a fair bit of sulking in my office...but as a non-family-member, I can usually pull them out of it before too long.

Not so for many parents.  Adolescents (in particular, but it’s true of all kids, regardless of their age) are extremely emotional due to changes and development in their brains, and are sometimes at the whim of their emotions. 

But, man, do they know how to express their displeasure!

When you're faced with a sulking face, just stay calm.  By you not getting swept up into the drama, you'll make it easier for your teen to begin to manage her emotions, too.  If, however, the situation is just too intolerable, feel free to say, "I'm not comfortable with the way you're treating me right now.  I'm going to go into the den and read for a bit; you can find me there if you'd like to talk later."  Don't make a big production out of it, just stay calm and matter of fact, and be prepared to talk when your teen seeks you out.  You want to keep the door open for conversation -- just not when it includes a scowl and a glare.

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