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Attention Harried, Frustrated, and Worn-out Parents:

Before your child was born, did you envision yourself losing your cool, yelling at your kids, fighting over little details, and struggling to communicate with the most important people in your life?   Did you see yourself rushing from activity to activity, propelled from the beginning of the day to the end, with your children growing up before your eyes, with no time to really enjoy them and relish each year of their lives?

No one does. 

You knew it was going to be a challenge, but you just didn't realize that it was going to be this… well… hard.

I know how you feel.  I never wanted to be a perfect parent, just a good one.  And some days, even that felt beyond my reach.

Not anymore.  Today our family life generally runs pretty smoothly.  But when it hits a snag, I have a toolkit that not only gets us through the rough spots, it also strengthens our bond as a family. It’s made me a better parent and it will do the same for you. 

These tools really work!  There’s something in here for every parenting struggle you’re grappling with.  It’s called Home Improvement: Become the Parent You Always Thought You’d Be, Even When Your Kids Don’t Behave the Way You Thought They Would, and it’s a twelve week intensive e-course designed to help you do just that.

In fact, let me tell you some of the ways this course is going to help you be that parent you always thought you’d be. 

In the first six weeks, you’ll learn:

  • how the Industrial Revolution and the Civil Rights Movement have influenced your parenting today
  • how asking questions may be the solution to gaining your kids’ cooperation
  • the four reasons children misbehave – and what you can do when they do
  • three questions that will change how you interact with your kids
  • what the number 1 way your children learn is, and how it’s teaching them more than you realize
  • real life, practical examples of parenting challenges that walk you through, step by step, how to handle them the Home Improvement way

And in the second half of the course?  Here’s some of what I’ll share with you:

  • how to handle anger (yours and theirs) and increase patience (yours)
  • how to get through to your kids, even when they don’t seem to hear a word you say
  • how to achieve some much needed balance in your life, find time for more of what really matters to you
  • how an hour once a week can make all the difference when it comes to family harmony, respect, and cooperation
  • what your children most want from you and how to give it to them

"After completing the Home Improvement e-course our home life really DID improve! I feel that we are better parents than we ever thought possible. In every area we are seeing drastic improvements in not only our children's behavior, but also in our own enjoyment of our family.  We have moved from crisis management to conscious and joyful 12 short weeks!" - Penny Hoff

What’s so special about the Home Improvement course?  For starters, the format is designed to be read in small snack size bites.  You’ll receive direct, to-the-point, content-rich emails three times a week, with a short synopsis at the beginning of each “lesson” with the highlights (for those weeks when reading an entire email just seems out of the question.)  It’s based on an approach that is practical, effective, and designed to improve your relationship with your kids, not just get them to do what you want.  Filled with suggestions and ideas, there are lots of options for you to try, then decide what works best for your family. 

And as an added bonus, with each course you’ll also have access to the online Home Improvement Club, a private Facebook page designed just for parents who have read the course and are using its toolkit in their own families.  In our Club, we offer genuine support and encouragement, and leave the competition at the door.

Here’s what’s included in the Club membership:

  • an online Club, where you can post messages asking for feedback and support, and offer support yourself to fellow Club members
  • special member rate for One-on-One Parent Coaching. 
  • And of course, I pop into the Club too, to lend my support and offer suggestions. 

Parenting isn’t a 9-5 job, so the Home Improvement Club offers support at those times that fit best into your schedule, whatever they might be.

I am passionate about parenting and I am thrilled to bring that passion to you and your own family.  I have a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, with a particular emphasis on parenting theory.  I wrote a monthly article for the Life With Kids newsletter ( and was the parenting expert for the Oak Park Moms and Tots forum, writing a Q&A on parenting issues ( You may have also seen me quoted in media outlets such as Today's Parent and Women's World magazines, as well as The Globe and Mail, and

I also have a private practice where I see clients face-to-face, and work with them on the very information that I will share with you in this course.  These clients come to my office once a week, and to cover the same material that is in only one of the courses would take about 10 visits, and would cost well over $1000

I know this toolkit can make a difference in your life and those of your children, and because I don’t want price to be a barrier to a chaos-free family, I’m offering the twelve week e-course for just $75.  

But, if you register in the e-course today I’ll take an additional $15 off the 12-week course price – making it only $60.  

I know you’ll agree that this is a great price for a joyful, conflict-free family. 

Let’s run through what you get for your investment:

  • an understanding of why previous parenting strategies just aren’t working for us anymore
  • insight into the three main parenting styles, how to recognize which one you use most often, and which one is going to allow you to be the parent you always thought you’d be
  • alternatives to punishment and rewards and that really work – you’ll never have to suffer through a sulking child again!
  • tips on how to bring out the best in your children, teaching them a healthy balance between self-reliance and concern for others
  • descriptions of the four reasons kids do what they do, and what you can do in response
  • 3 questions that will change how you interact with your children
  • real life examples of parenting situations, and how to handle them the Home Improvement way
  • understanding of how to communicate with your kids, and the one thing you can do to keep them talking to you
  • tips for how to keep your temper in check and what may be at stake if you don’t
  • an exercise guaranteed to bring more balance to your family life by eliminating wasted time and energy
  • strengthen your family bond, eliminate nagging, increase communication, build trust, and have fun – all in one hour a week!
  • learn what the one thing your kids want more than anything is
  • … and The Home Improvement Club, which includes a Club of like-minded parents who want to support you when you’re having a rough day, and be inspired and learn from you when things are rolling along nicely

I’d love to have you join our Home Improvement Club.  If you’re ready to get back to being that enthusiastic, cheerful, and resilient parent you always thought you’d be, Home Improvement will help you do just that. 

Yes!  I want to stop fighting with my kids and gain their cooperation.  I’m ready to be the parent I always thought I’d be!

Please enroll me in the Home Improvement parenting e-course.  I understand that for just $60 I will be registered in the 12-week intensive  e-course.

The course includes:

  • 3 weekly emails, with short “lessons” on a parenting topic
  • A summary at the beginning of each lesson, highlighting the key points, for those days when I don’t have time to read much more than a take-out menu
  • Tips, exercises, and suggestions at the end of each lesson
  • A welcome letter that will give me more details about how to make the most of my enrollment in the course

I understand that as part of my e-course registration, I am also enrolled in the Home Improvement Club, which includes:

  • Access to the Home Improvement Club, connecting me with other parents for support and encouragement
  • The ability to connect with like-minded parents focusing on using the same strategies in their families, whenever I need support and encouragement

(By clicking on the Order Now button for the course, you’ll be taken to a secure payment page.  Be assured that your online transaction is 100% secure.  You will then be directed to re-enter your name and email address, and once your order is confirmed, you will immediately receive an introductory email from me, with further details about how to make the most of your Home Improvement course.)

I’m so convinced that the tools I’m about to share with you will improve family harmony and help you to be a better parent, that if at any time during the course you’d like to cancel your registration and receive a full refund, I’m happy to do it.  I want you to join Home Improvement without any reservations, because I’m convinced it will make all the difference to your family.

Life may not be as straightforward as you expected it to be way back before your first child was born.  But it doesn’t have to be impossible.  Even if your kids don’t behave the way you thought they would, you can still be that parent you always thought you’d be.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact me by clicking here.

I look forward to welcoming you to our group of parents who have learned just how big a difference small changes can make.



Andrea Ramsay Speers

p.s.  Now is the time to make a change.  If you’re ready to give up fighting, yelling, struggling with parenting tactics that aren’t working, feeling disconnected and at war with your kids, I encourage you to act now.  You have more influence over your family harmony than you realize; let me show you how.

p.p.s. Still not sure if Home Improvement is for you?  Because I want you to be completely confident in your investment, I am going to give you the whole Table of Contents along with two lessons from the course, plus a subscription to the monthly Happiness At Home newsletter absolutely FREE!  Simply enter your details below and you will be able to take advantage of all of these resources with no obligation.We hate spam too, so rest assured we will never share your name or email address.

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