If you need help with dealing with the challenges of modern life, in your family or in your own mental health, contact an experienced psychotherapist in Oakville. At the Oakville Family Instituteour marriage and individual therapist will help you to meet the demands of daily life head on and enrich your family, keeping the lines of communication open, improving relationships, decreasing stress, and improving mental health.

Andrea Ramsay Speers is a seasoned individualmarriage and parenting therapist whose passion for families is evident in her life’s work. She will provide you with practical parenting advice, individual counselling, couples relationship counselling and marriage and family therapy.

It’s not easy being the parents of modern day children and teenagers who are faced with many challenges that we didn’t have while growing up. However, you can still protect your children and keep the lines of communication flowing freely – it’s never too late to Enjoy Being Home.

If you would like to benefit from our effective therapy services and learn more about effective parenting tips and advice, contact Andrea Ramsay Speers at the Oakville Family Institute. We look forward to providing you with the skills and advice you’ll need to help keep your family safe and happy. 

Andrea Ramsay Speers

Registered Psychotherapist

Oakville Family Institute
(Trafalgar and Dundas in north Oakville)